Dynamite and Football

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You’ve seen them…the TV commercials talking about Medicare Advantage plans and what you might be eligible for. Here’s the thing, Medicare is not a ‘one size fits all’. 

Those TV ads tend to exaggerate how good advantage plans are and the benefits that people can get. The key is to look at both traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of both. What the traditional Medicare people don’t tell you is that those premiums start out at roughly $100 a month and eventually get to over $300 a month and you have to buy a prescription drug plan separate. They also don’t include dental, vision, hearing aids, over the counter benefits, and in a few cases money back on your Social Security check.  Advantage plans can do that.  We have clients in traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage. 

The difference is simple. We sit down with you, explain the differences, emphasize the weaknesses of both plans and let you decide what’s best for you. There’s just no substitute for a local agent that knows you, your family and is willing to listen and craft a solution that works best for you.  

Just click here or give us a call. Let’s find the coverage that’s best for you.

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