It’s time to enjoy your Medicare benefits. But, are your assumptions about Medicare correct? Let’s discuss your current opinions about Medicare. Asheboro Medicare Information is easy to find at Chris Ward Insurance, LLC. Let’s separate opinion from fact.

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Let’s answer your questions. What do you need? What will it cost? When do I sign up? What is your specific situation?


After we’ve learned a bit about you and your situation, we’ll compare all the options to determine your personal solution.


Let’s get the paperwork done. We’ll deal with forms, information required and make sure we’re on budget.


All done! A quick meeting and we can get all this wrapped up and you back to enjoying your time. No more worry and uncertainty.

Important Asheboro Medicare Information

Initial Signup

6 months before turning age 65
3 months before retirement if later

Annual Review

Between October 15 and December 7 each year

Let’s figure out who you are and what you need.

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Medicare is not a one size fits all scenario. Let’s compare your specific situation to what’s available.

Too often, we see people buy the same policy as a spouse, friend or neighbor. Medicare is very specific to the individual. Your doctors, your prescriptions, and how you use your health insurance should be tailored to you.


  • No loss of benefits
  • Don’t pay for coverage you don’t need
  • Peace of mind
You need a complete plan for your Medicare needs.

We’ll sit down with you and answer any questions you may have. We’ll figure out a solution that fits your budget and needs.

There are 2 paths you can take…


You can choose traditional Medicare and then add a Medicare Supplement plan and a Prescription Drug plan to it. Or you could go with a Medicare Advantage plan. Which is right for you? Are you sure?


  • Match your needs to the correct plan
  • Maximum benefits
  • Possibly save you money

A wonderful resource for you…

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Let us deal with the questions. Think of us as a local resource library of what’s available. Call us instead of a far away 1-800 number. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.


  • Office here in town
  • Just a phone call away
  • Personal relationship

Anxiety about it all? Worried?

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Quite often, our new clients are a bit nervous when they come visit for the first time. All the new information is overwhelming. It’s information overload.

Don’t forget to review your plan yearly…

Medicare Calendar

You should review your plan options with us each year. Plans change every year. Schedule a review with us to make sure that you are still in the best plan for you.

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