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Why (and How) I got a Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy at 27

In Life Insurance by Keith

A Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy might make sense. Are you married? Do you have debt? Read on…

Here’s a really good article we ran across. We don’t really endorse Suze Orman, but it’s still a good article.

“As someone in their late 20s, I have a lot of the financial struggles and priorities that other 20somethings and millennials have. I’m paying down student loan debt. I bought a house and I’m working through paying that down and making needed updates and changes (none of which are cheap). I’m investing and saving for retirement. All of this and trying to balance travel with my other financial goals. Regardless of your age, you’re likely in the same boat as me: there are multiple financial priorities fighting for your paycheck. Why then did I decide to take on another financial…”

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